About Us

Even before your kids literally hit the road without you, before they are even out of their booster seats they need to learn the basic safety measures they should take in the car. There have been studies conducted to suggest that car accidents rank high in the death of young children. Despite the strict road rules, speed limits, and MADD on the hunt for drunk drivers, sometimes its the smallest thing you didn’t remember to do. This site offers information on car seats, booster seats, and airbags in the front seat. The site is focused on what and how children should be strapped in and behaved in a car. The site will offer information on what age groups, or rather what weight groups, should be strapped in, what age they can sit in the front seat, and how parents can make sure their car seats are properly set. America’s Youth Should Get a Boost is all about ensuring and teaching the safety of children in cars so that they can remember it when they hit the road in the driver’s seat.