Never Leave Your Kids in the Car

It is a sad state of affairs that our world has gotten to a point at which an article such as this one even has to exist at all.  You would certainly think that with all of the intelligent people out there who have kids, our species would be getting smart enough to just understand that you can not leave your children inside of a vehicle by themselves.  Unfortunately, for reasons Charles Darwin would ultimately approve of, some people are willing to take absurd risks with their own offspring’s safety.  There are just too many things which can go wrong when a child is left in a car by themselves, whether you realize it or not.

For one thing, there are the extremes of heat and cold that you need to contend with.  A child’s body, while resilient, is often not as able to contend with these temperature extremes as the body of an adult can do.  And in the case of heat, keep in mind that children need more fluids (because they lose them more quickly) than adults do, which means that heat stroke can strike them far more rapidly than they would an adult in the same situation.

Another thing that you have got to worry about is one that most people would never expect to happen.  In a lot of situations, an adult thinks that they can save a little bit of time by leaving their car engaged while they run into a place to pick up something.  Unfortunately, a lot of adults who get into this kind of situation forget that little kids can be extraordinarily resourceful, and that they like to play with things.  Sometimes a gear shift can be manipulated, and your child can actually put the car in gear (mostly with older cars).  And at the very least, they can pop the trunk and honk the horn irritatingly.