The Speed Limits of Highways

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There is a certain ambivalence which is easy to feel, when it comes to the highways of our country.  On the one hand, it is completely understandable that there do need to be some limits to the speed you can be traveling, even when you are on a long and straight stretch of road.  But on the other hand, there is the sense of freedom that the open road is supposed to give you, which is hindered greatly when you can not simply yank out the throttle and floor the pedal to see what your vehicle is truly capable of.

There is nothing quite like the rush of staring death in the face, and then flipping him off with your foot trying its hardest to touch the ground and your speedometer all but sweating under the intense heat of the engine.  When you are really booking down the highway, you are living the less sedate side of the American Dream and you know it.  Bonus points if you are on a Harley and you are somehow smoking a cigar, just to complete the “I spit on your laws” persona.  But then again, there has got to be some restraint, because speed kills.

If there were no laws, any impulse would be immediately gratified… and the world would have a population of about a hundred people.  In order to have highways that don’t look like funeral pyres, we have got to have speed limits.  And as painful and restrictive as it is, we have also got to follow those speed limits.  If we do not follow them, the penalty for a lot of innocent people is going to be a very quick and absolutely brutal death.

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