Winter Driving Tips

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When the temperatures drop and the snow starts falling everyone knows that it is winter time. Winter can be a crazy time, especially for drivers. There is the issue of black ice, huge snow piles and freezing conditions. This perfect storm of conditions makes it a perfect time to remind people of the common winter driving tips that are out there.

While it might be scary out there, there are several steps that you as a driver can do to reduce the amount of fear and anxiety that come with winter driving. Here are some of the common driving tips that you can do to make sure that winter driving is less scary than the previous years.

Always Drive with a Half Tank or Higher. It might seem hard to believe but gas can freeze during the winter. If you have a tank of gas that is half a tank or higher you avoid the risk of having the gas freeze in the winter. Nothing is worse than getting in a car and finding out the gas froze on you.

Snow Driving Tips. When you are driving in snow, either light snow or heavy snow. Always accelerate and decelerate slowly. Do not push your foot to the floor of the car and watch it go. This can often cause accidents if you accelerate or decelerate to quickly.

Getting Up Those Hills Quicker. Some of the worst driving conditions consist of trying to get to the top of a hill when there is snow, ice and sleet. Many drivers believe that you just keep hitting the gas pedal and that will only cause the wheels to start spinning. Instead apply a small amount of pressure to the gas pedal to try and get to the top of the hill.

Just Stay Home. If the conditions are so severe that you do not feel safe driving just simply avoid driving all together.

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